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Unlock Advanced Security with Enterprise-Grade MPCA Secure Key Management Solution Tailored for Web3 Wallets and Applications
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Key ManagementEnhanced Security, Streamlined Simplicity, and Fully Non-Custodial.Enabled by multi-party computation (MPC) Threshold Signature Scheme (TSS). All cryptographic operations performed throughout the key lifecycle are performed without ever combining or reconstructing these two shares together.

How does MPC-TSS work?Once the signature fragments are independently authenticated at both ends, they are combined into a single, unified signature that is then verified on Self Chain. This method ensures enhanced security as there is no central private key wallet involved. As a result, only the user can operate their wallet, safeguarding against unauthorized access.img2

Secure and Fast Transaction Signing Across All PlatformsUpholding the highest security standards adopted by major institutions and businesses in the cryptocurrency sector.
Enterprise-Level Multi-Factor Key Security

Guard your users' digital assets directly from the frontend with multi-layered protection against malicious hackers and user mismanagement.

Prevent Front-End Device Vulnerabilities

Ensure swift and secure access with login and transaction signing in under 1.2 seconds, bolstered by geo-distributed, scalable infrastructure for worldwide reach.

Broad Compatibility Across Chains and Platforms

Embrace blockchain flexibility with Self Chain MPC, a technology indifferent to the underlying chain. Compatible with ECDSA, EDDSA, BLS, and more, it's designed for universal adaptability.

Key Management Made Simple with MPC-TSS
Eliminate the Risk of Seed Phrase Loss

Say goodbye to managing seed phrases. Our platform uses familiar Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) processes to handle shares securely.

Shield Against Device Security Breaches

User accounts are not subjected to frontend vulnerabilities as MPC’s joint computation allows for keyless usage.

Transact with Confidence

Implement robust controls to prevent illicit transactions. Set daily limits and block suspected fraudulent activity to protect your users' assets.

Seamless User Journeys

Experience ultra-fast response times of less than 1.2 seconds for both login and transaction signing, keeping users engaged and satisfied.

Master User Experience (UX)

Integrate Self Chain MPC seamlessly with any dApp or wallet, crafting the ultimate user experience that you control.

Universal Compatibility, No Compromises

Choose a flexible, chain-agnostic solution. Self Chain MPC is designed for seamless integration across web, mobile, and native platforms.


How does MPC (Multi-Party Computation) work?

MPC works by splitting the traditional private keys into multiple pieces, distributing them in multiple places to ensure no one person has full access to the traditional private key. The major advantage here is that the private key is always used in a distributed manner. It is decentralized and held across multiple parties (i.e. devices), each blind to the other. Whenever the key is required, MPC is set in motion to confirm that all parties, or a predetermined number of parties out of the full set, approve of the request.

What is MPC nodes network?

A network of parties will collectively provide private input to a specific function (digital signing process) and collectively compute the output of that function (digital signature).

Does MPC support many blockchains?

A major advantage of MPC, in addition to its security and recoverability benefits, includes the fact that it is chain-agnostic. Unlike multi-signature (MultiSigs) approaches which do not support every blockchain, MPC can be applied to many.

Is MPC new technology?

MPC technology is actually dozens of years old – initial development began in the 1980s – but applying MPC technology to crypto wallets is a relatively recent technological innovation in the last decade. A number of billion-dollar institutions are using MPC technology, including Fireblocks, Coinbase...etc

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