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Mass Adoption
Once private key management and access to an increasingly diverse crypto landscape is simplified, The Crypto Adoption Can be Accelerated Again.
Security isn't a feature.
It's our foundation
*DevNet Stats
Self Chain is The Most Secure User-Centric Decentralized Blockchain Network And Infrastructure That Serves As The Storage Medium For Countless Applications. Opening the gateway to the crypto world for a wide range of users.
143MTotal transactions
5,06MTotal $SELF staked
104MActive addresses
314M$SELF market cap

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of millions
*DevNet Stats
90M$SELF Staked
$0.00030Transaction Cost
Built by developers,
for the masses
Dev FriendlySDK and API access to extend digital asset ownership to all types of users.
PrivacyPrivacy-preserving to allow practical use while being censorship resistant.
Improved UXKey abstraction removes one of the biggest barriers to mainstream adoption.
RecoverabilityThe Safest Storage Medium Possible To Safeguard Your Encrypted Information While Maintaining The Utmost Traceability.
InteroperableIBC and EVM-compatibility increases multi- chain assets and opportunities.
ProgrammableThe Combination Of A Highly Compatible Infrastructure And Advanced Technological Architecture Allows For Diverse Custom Applications Programming.

Core Technology

  • Multi-Party Computation

  • Threshold Signature Scheme


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Self Chain is dedicated to empowering the growth of Web3 applications by providing the essential infrastructure required for DApps to thrive.

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© 2023 Self Chain. All rights reserved.
© 2023 Self Chain. All rights reserved.