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An Intent-Centric
Access Layer
Self Chain Is the First Modular Intent-Centric Access Layer L1 Blockchain and Keyless Wallet Infrastructure Service That Uses MPC-TSS/AA for Multi-Chain Web3 Access.
Uses LLM to decode user intent and search for optimal paths.
Simplifies onboarding & recovery with keyless wallets with self-custody.
Automates rewards to dApps when user intent is resolved efficiently.
Account Abstraction with MPC-TSS for secure signing & reduced fees.

How Modular Intent Access Works?

1A user expresses their request in natural language.
2Shares the intepreted request with searchers.
3Underlying requests shared with specialized intent solvers.
4Solvers offer competitive and efficient transactions.
5Bundled transaction and fees signed securely on keyless wallet.
Self Chain Brief Overview

With key abstraction, the decentralized MPC-TSS/AA architecture enables anyone to create keyless wallets and use the Modular Intent Access Layer L1 to simplify secure access to multi-chain Web3.

Intent Search

LLM interprets intent and searchers find optimal paths.

Key Abstraction

Removes the challenges of private key management.

Easier Self-Custody

With keyless wallets, anyone can safely self-custody assets.

Intent Resolvers

dApps compete to resolve the intent quickly & efficiently.

Discovery Engine

Simplifies how users find and interact with cross-chain dApps.

Keyless Wallet Infrastructure

Projects can now offer users full-feature self-custody wallets.

How Self Chain Works?

Users can interact with Web3 using any simplified Web, Mobile, or Chat interface.

Secure, User-Friendly
Keyless Wallets by Self Chain

Sign in with your email or social accounts and discover the simplicity of self-custodial wallets, offering a web2-caliber user experience. Our streamlined onboarding process ensures accessibility for all users.

No Single Point of Failure, No Private Keys Compromised

Rest assured knowing that your assets are protected. Our approach eliminates the risk of single points of failure and private key compromises.

Effortless Wallet Recovery

Forget about the fear of losing access to your funds. With our effortless wallet recovery feature, you can regain control quickly and easily, even if you lose your device.


Say goodbye to phishing attempts. Our system is designed to withstand phishing attacks, ensuring that your assets remain secure from online threats.

Secure Key Management Solution

Experience peace of mind with our state-of-the-art key management solution. We’ve reimagined security to keep your assets safe.

Simplified User Experience

Say goodbye to complex processes. Our user-centric design ensures that managing your assets is a breeze.

A versatile toolkit for developers

As a technology infrastructure service, our blockchain features can be extended to new builders and existing teams with extensive support & documentation.

Keyless Wallet SDK

As a wallet infrastructure service, any team can offer full-feature, self-custody wallet for their users. The Self Chain wallet SDK can be added to a virtually any project.

Use Cases

dApp Sign-upsIn-app WalletGameFiDeFiRWAsNFTSSoFiEventsSubscriptionsLoyalty
Intent SDK

dApps can use this to simplify user access and increase secure transactions volumes.

Use Cases

dAppAndroid & iOS AppsWeb 2.0
AA & Plugins

Power-up your wallet with pre-built plugins or build new ones using AA and SCW capabilities.

Use Cases

MultisigSocial RecoveryOn-ramp & more
Self Chain's Modular Intent
Increases Value Flows

The Modular Intent Access Layer and MPC-TSS/AA network architecture places Self Chain at the heart of the Web3 ecosystem and offers various opportunities for exponential value growth.

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© 2023 Self Chain. All rights reserved.