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Validating and Staking

$SLF holders are incentivized to run a Validator node and stake their tokens to secure Self Chain and receive rewards.

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Self Chain Validator

Validators will produce blocks on the Self Chain mainnet, in exchange for $SLF rewards.

Validator’s Roles

  • Be able to constantly run a correct version of the software actively participate in governance.

  • Additionally, validators are expected to be active members of the community. Validators must always be up-to-date with the current state of the ecosystem so that they can easily adapt to any change.

  • Faster submission of transactions and direct access to the network operation.


For running a Self Chain validator node and validator full node, we recommend the following hardware resources:

  • 4 or 8 cores CPU
  • 16GB RAM
  • 100GB Disk Storage

Validator Revenue

  • Block Rewards: $SLF Token run by validators are inflated to produce block provisions. These provisions exist to incentivize $SLF holders to bond their stake.

  • Transaction Fees: All transactions that are submitted to the chain are charged a transaction fee in $SLF tokens.
Secure the chainSecure the chainAll else being equal, the more tokens staked within the network, the more secure the chain as it becomes more expensive to attack.As a result, by delegating $SLF tokens to a validator, users will help secure the chain.
Access delegated governanceAccess delegated governanceWhen staking tokens with a particular validator, users are delegating the voting power of their tokens to that validator.In this sense, delegation allows users to participate in governance by staking their tokens with (and thereby increasing the voting power of) validators who align with their views. A user can passively allow a validator to vote on their behalf or they can actively participate in votes themselves.
Receive feesReceive feesIn return for securing the chain, a share of protocol fees will flow to validators and their delegators. Note that the share that flows to delegators depends on the specific commission charged by each validator. Specific details are provided in the next section, “Value Flows”.
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