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Introducing Account AbstractionStreamlining Web3 user experience to engage the next billion users.
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What is Account Abstraction?Account Abstraction, through programmable self-custodial accounts known as smart accounts, minimizes obstacles for new users entering the Web3 ecosystem. It heralds a transformative shift towards widespread adoption of secure, decentralized, and censorship-resistant smart accounts.
Self Custodial

Account Abstraction eliminates the need for managing separate externally-owned accounts (EOAs) and smart contracts by merging them. This innovation brings self-custodial wallets to the forefront, fortified with superior security measures.


At its foundation is ERC-4337, a proposal championed by industry leaders to evolve Account Abstraction (AA) within the Ethereum network, aspiring to realize universal account abstraction — a longstanding vision.


ERC-4337's primary mission is to bolster autonomy through censorship resistance. Account Abstraction achieves an unparalleled balance of decentralization without compromising on the network's core principles.

Key Features
Enhanced Transaction Bundling

Consolidate multiple transactions to reduce gas expenses and improve efficiency.

Gasless Transactions

Experience an accessible, streamlined blockchain journey with sponsored transaction fees.

Flexible Gas Payment Options

Execute transactions with the versatility of using your chosen ERC20 tokens for gas payments.

The Benefit of the MPC + AA solution
  • Enhanced security: Elevate asset protection and key management to new heights.
  • Seamless user experience: Streamline the onboarding process, tailoring to user preferences and results, making Web3 dApps universally accessible.
  • Simplified development: Empower development teams to concentrate on core product innovation, with wallet management and advanced smart wallet functionalities already in place.
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The Self Chain Account Abstraction and Plugins SDK enables the integration of sophisticated smart wallet functionalities. This allows decentralized applications (dApps) to seamlessly incorporate our wallet system, facilitating direct and effortless connection to the substantial liquidity and resources provided by major DeFi protocols.
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