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Web 3 gaming UX simplified, redefined and amplified.

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Modular-Intent In GameFiGameFi experiences can be transformed with automated intent triggers for various events. This can significantly improve user experience by simplifying how points, NFTs, and other assets are traded.
Game Player ImagePlayer X has unlocked 1000 XP completing mission
A gamer has an opportunity to unlock an in-game asset.arrow down image
box imageLLM
The LLM layer acts as an interpreter for automated intent and user transparency.
item imageIntent Translation
item imageIntuitive Alerts
robot white Image
Player to get new in-game item as NFT
Intent Trigger
GameFi Intent SDK initiates an automated request for an NFTarrow down image
box imageKeyless Wallet
GameFi projects can now use the Keyless Waller SDK for seamless in-game assets access.
item imageIn-Game Wallets
item imageSign Transactions
item imageSecure NFTs
Search Image
Find best offer for NFT in-app on Marketplaces
Searchers find the NFT that offers the gamer the best deal.
box imageIntent Search
Based on intent, searchers will find and approve the ideal trades to acquire the NFT.
item imageQuery Resolver
item imageOptinal Paths
item imageBundle Transactions
robot Imagegame item Image
The gamer is alerted by an in-game alert about the new NFT!
box imageIntent Solver
The solver(s) winning the NFT trade can be any combination of marketplace across chains.
item imageConnected dApps
item imageLimited Access
item imageMarketplace

Seamless Onboarding for GameFi Enthusiasts

Dive into the world of GameFi effortlessly with embedded wallets powered by Keyless Wallets. Say goodbye to complex onboarding processes and enjoy instant access to blockchain-powered games.

with Ease

Creating a wallet or logging in is a breeze with social authentication.

GameFi Security Redefined

Keyless Wallets, fortified by Self Chain's secure MPC technology, offer robust key management solutions tailored specifically for GameFi. Your in-game assets remain protected with the highest level of security.

Expanding Game Integration

Our commitment to enhancing your gaming experience doesn't stop here. We're set to integrate the Keyless Wallets SDK with leading exciting games. Stay tuned for more immersive gaming adventures!

Send, Receive, and Transfer - All in One Place

Perform blockchain actions without leaving the game. Send, receive, and transfer assets conveniently, right from your gaming hub.

Unleash the Power

Support for Multiple Blockchains Experience the seamless transactions and access to all your wallets across chains

Integration Cases

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