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Modular Intent-Centric Access Layer

Simplifying Multi-Chain Web3 Access

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Intents are signed messages that enable users to express what they want to achieve on-chain, while third-party actors, known as solvers, handle the technical details to make it happen.

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Intent In DeFi & dApps

DeFi over Intent SDK offers a tremendous improvement on existing user experience. Coupled with Account Abstraction and Intent SDK, any dApp can offer and win transactions as solvers.

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LLM Interpret Intent

LLM UI: an intuitive chat interface that seamlessly receives user intent, whether it’s in the form of text or voice.
Large Language Models (LLM) decode user intent and transmit it to the Intent Searcher.

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Intent Searcher

Receive the user’s intent from LLM Interpret.
Work with the Solver network to uncover the best offers and paths.
After identifying the optimal transaction path, it seeks user permission through the LLM UI to proceed.

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Intent Solver

Receive the request from the Searcher.
Partner with multi-chain bridges, aggregators, and dApps to identify the most efficient and competitive strategies.
These strategies are presented to the Searcher, who selects the best path among the Solvers.
Once user permission granted, the Solver executes the transactions, offering bundled and gas-efficient solutions.
Users are promptly informed through the LLM UI that their intent has been successfully fulfilled.

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