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How Self Chain Works?
The main goal of the Self Chain is to provide a solution to safeguard one of the wallet shares within a decentralized network of nodes.
  • Alice logs into the Frontier wallet.
  • The wallet will load the encrypted share from the Self Chain.
  • It will then share it with the nodes of the MPC network.
  • Each node will decrypt it using its’ own part of the collective private key and return the decryption share back to the wallet.
  • The wallet will combine the decryption shares to get the plaintext which is one of the shares of the SSS scheme.
  • This wallet is combined with either the share stored on the device or the back up share to restore the secret seed needed to re-create the HD wallet.
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A versatile toolkit
for developers
Keyless WalletKeyless WalletAs a primary application of the blockchain, active integrations with the native Self Chain keyless wallet would give teams access to seamless onboarding for new users.
SDKSDKBy abstracting wallet complexity and risk, teams can build applications using the tools, libraries and documentation while using the Self Chain's Software Development Kit (SDK).
PluginsPluginsUsing pre-built plugins, the keyless wallet can be enhanced endlessly with 2FA, AA, social recovery, on-ramp, daily limits, multisig policies and a lot more to meet various use cases.
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