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Assets ManagementAs a primary application of the network, keyless wallets can offer users secure comprehensive, and user-friendly access to digital assets.
Easy onboarding for all
Recovery and zero key management
Secure self-custody and assets
Wide compatibility & programmability
Keyless Wallet
Web3 Circle

DeFi & dAppsElevate DeFi security with Self Chain. Our infrastructure supports diverse dApps, driving innovation and growth in the decentralized ecosystem.
Secure asset management
Multichain capability
Fraud & Attacks Prevention
Community Growth Acceleration
Keyless Wallet
Web3 Circle

Cross ChainEcosystem agnostic services enable Self Chain to operate as a hub to allow users to create, own, trade, and stake crypto assets across various blockchains.
Access assets across ecosystems
Eliminate managing multiple wallets
Simplify portfolio management
Ensure compliance requirements
Cross Chain 01Users
Cross Chain 02Self Chain
Cross Chain 03Cosmos IBC
Cross Chain 04

EnterpriseEnterprise use cases can now be met with the security of Multi-Party Computation (MPC), privacy, and precise compliance parameters.
Programmable multisig features
Retain privacy protections
Enterprise grade security
Ensure compliance requirements
Enterprise 01Users
Enterprise 02Self Chain
Enterprise 03Cosmos
Enterprise 04Web3 Ecosystem
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